Creativation and Quality


The success of Metalquimia has been mainly due to its strategy of creativation (creativity + innovation), differentiation and continual improvement of product quality.

Quality of your products, our basic commitment

When you consider technology and machinery for your meat industry, your objective is to obtain products capable of competing in the most demanding markets. You do not purchase the "thousand and one" technical justifications put forth by all companies. Basically, that is why we are not going to start telling you about research and engineering... only about products. Examine carefully a piece of cooked ham, smoked bacon, marinated loin or roast beef. Check its texture, slice, intermuscular binding, homogeneity of color and its presentation.

Then try it, taste it, ...if it has been produced with Metalquimia technology, the result of the examination will certainly be positive. You know that your market will judge you in the same way. Without concessions or palliatives. Do you want to risk failing the test? When making a decision, keep in mind that Metalquimia is the only corporation that signs with you a commitment to quality of your product's final results. With this guarantee as our starting point, we can begin to talk about procedures. Welcome to the triangle of success!

The culture of value

To achieve these results, a conventional marketing-based project is not enough, neither is a business plan centered only on obtaining profits.

Our objective, to offer the world Effective, Efficient and Profitable technology with Added Value for the manufacture of cooked and marinated meat products, requires much more than a material basis, no matter how sophisticated.

The key factor that distinguishes Metalquimia  lies in its very identity. In making it a reality that each and every one of its members participates in the same restless and innovative spirit capable of crystallizing in the culture of Value, Efficiency and Service. Only in this way can we attain and will we attain an authentic competitive mentality capable of igniting the best ideas, the most brilliant projects and the maximum spirit of service.

The particular needs of the factories that today manufacture the most prestigious meat products in the world become the top-priority objective of each and every member of our departments. The stimulus of a creative spirit, together with the challenges of providing our customers with optimization, have crystallized in the most brilliant solutions for manufacturing cooked and marinated meat products, incorporating continuous processing lines, with maximum automation, total control of processing parameters, traceability, high productivity, working ergonomics, easy maintenance, hygienic design and maximum easiness of cleaning and sanitation, durability and, of course, profitability.-

Thanks to this ideology of constantly pursuing Value for our customers, an ideology born of effort and competence, Metalquimia has managed to close the true circle of quality: by the customer for the customer.

A strategy called  Creativation

Metalquimia is the world leader in technology and machinery for the manufacture of cooked and marinated meat products. Our success has been based on a strategy of Creativation, Value and Product Differentiation, offering the customer continual improvement in service and quality, at the same time guaranteeing profitability in productivity, in quality, in safety, in ergonomics, in maintenance... and most especially in duration, if this concept is defined as the period of time during which a processing facility or a machine will continue to perform with the maximum degree of efficiency.

These are, beyond all doubt, the great distinguishing features of  Metalquimia: Quality, Safety, Versatility,  Durability, Profitability and  Service.