CASA TARRADELLAS once again puts its trust in METALQUIMIA



CASA TARRADELLAS, one of the most important and prestigious meat processors in Spain, has put its trust, once again, in METALQUIMIA's technology and machinery for the construction and installation of its new plant for cooked meat products. The production plant, built in Vic (Spain) during the first three months of 2004, maximizes production rates, with fully automatic operation and incorporating the most modern Injection, Massage and Stuffing systems existing in the international meat market. . In this way, CASA TARRADELLAS relies again on METALQUIMIA technology and equipment, just as it has been doing since January 2001, when the first HAMLINE was installed and which works in a fully automatic and non-stop way, manufacturing a daily production of cooked meat products up to 48 tones per day.