Catalonia’s President with us !!



METALQUIMIA's new facilities in Palol de Revardit (Girona) have been inaugurated the 27th of March, 2009, by the president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the most Honorable Mr. José Montilla, in an act that has been also attended by the Councillor of Agriculture, Mr. Joaquim Llena, the Mayor of Girona and the Mayors of Palol de Revardit, Olot, Banyoles and Besalú among other representatives of the political, social and business sectors of the Girona region. The new facilities, which went into operation during this month of March, are next to Metalquimia's current production facilities and occupy a total space of 10.000 m2, with 5.000 m2 of floorspace dedicated to production. The president of the Generalitat stressed the importance of the enterprising and innovative spirit of the Catalan business community and encouraged the Lagares family and the entire staff of Metalquimia to continue striving to keep the prestigious Catalan company on the cutting edge of technology and quality in the internacional panorama.