Creativation Ecosystems (October 2009)Opinion Article written by Josep Lagares, General Manager of M



Unlike the poor or developing nations, those of us in the most developed nations must compete by being leaders of Change (technological, social, cultural,...), we must compete by "doing things differently" and "doing different things". This is why if in the coming years we want to aspire to be a world leader in the transformation of society, our Country must become a standard bearer of Creativation management... understood as systematic, integral and socialized management of Creativity and Innovation, Creativity being the discipline that makes us imagine new things and Innovation being that which allows us to transform in value the new things we imagined during the creative process. But how can we be leaders of Creativation? What steps must we take to achieve this level of excellence? The answer is simple... by creating and promoting Ecosystems of Creativation, ecosystems of knowledge and of value free from the current trends. Nobody can know with any certainty which sectors will be those to generate the most wealth within a few years time, and so it is crucial to prepare the Country, our Companies and our Personnel to be the very best, regardless of which sector is on the rise from one moment to the next. Achieving a competitive ecosystem of these characteristics involves revolutionizing our education system by sowing the seeds of the values of ProActive Enterprise; making sure that people are valued, not only for their Intelligence Quotient, but rather based on a system that listens to the student and measures his or her intelligence according to a model of multiple abilities; and also favoring the incorporation of Creativation techniques in the study plans. This is the only way we will have the future capacity to generate new ideas and projects that will allow us to survive with guarantees in a world in which challenges of all kinds have already begun to shake things up...Today's school makes tomorrow's society!!
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