Josep Lagares appointed as a CCRI Board member



The Government of Catalonia has approved the Enactment of the law creating the CCRI Catalan Council of Research and Innovation, through which this Council, pioneer in Spain, is constituted to advise the Government in matters of Innovation and Research, and provide follow-up of the National Pact for Research and Innovation that was signed in October, 2008. The Council, assigned to the Department of the Presidency, will formulate proposals and recommendations on aspects affecting the development of the Catalan system of Research and Innovation , will issue reports and evaluate the evolution of the system of Research and Innovation, and will participate in follow-up of the National Pact for Research and Innovation, among other functions. The Government has approved the members named to the Catalan Council of Research and Innovation, which is made up of a maximum of fifteen members. They are the following: Carlos Alejaldre Losilla; Pilar Almagro Marcos; Lluís Arola Ferrer, who will be the chairman; Henry Chesbrough; Ana Izquierdo Riezu; Guillem López Casasnovas; Ramon Marimon Suñol; Antoni Massanell Lavilla; Leena Peltonen; Sybille Reichert; Maria Reig Moles, who will be vice-chairman; Joan Rodés Teixidor, Luc Soete and Josep Lagares, General Manager of METALQUIMIA.