Latest trends in fresh meats texture improving: AUVISTICK 360



Big success at different international meat markets for the new AUVISTICK 360 injector, specially designed for marinating fresh meats (pork, beef, whole birds and poultry parts), a system that results in spectacular improvement of texture and palatability in fresh meats. The AUVISTICK 360 spray marinating system allows you to work with minimum dripping loss and obtain, consequently, a spectacular increase in yield. Its innovative system is provided with automatic programs adaptable to any type of meat product, which, together with the up to 2548 spraying points, allow for obtaining maximum safety and consistency in the process, high productivity, optimum appearance of the finished product and without liquid in the packaging. The AUVISTICK injector incorporates the same characteristics common to all equipment manufactured by METALQUIMIA, such as maximum easiness of assembly and disassembly, hygiene and sanitation, simplicity of all components, high mechanical reliability and minimum maintenance required. The AUVISTICK system for spray marinating fresh meats has become the indispensable vanguard tool in all modern processing plants to greatly improve texture and palatability of fresh meats.