VISIT US AT IFFA 2013 - Frankfurt from 4 to 9 May, Hall 9.0, stands B80 & C80


METALQUIMIA, the Spanish firm owned by the Lagares family, a world leader in integral solutions and technology for the production of cooked, marinated and cured meat products, presents at the IFFA 2013 Fair the latest advances in technology for the meat industry, which represent a true transformation of the way of processing meat in the world.

The professionals of the meat sector who visit the METALQUIMIA stand at the IFFA 2013 Fair will have the opportunity to see the future of the new technologies of the worldwide meat industry: the most cost-effective production lines, totally automated, with total traceability and control of operation, maximum hygiene and safety, specially designed to obtain maximum profitability with total reduction of costs, contributing a great improvement in competitiveness for the worldwide meat industry and representing one more step forward in industrial meat processing.

 METALQUIMIA’s team of technologists will also be present at IFFA to demonstrate a wide variety of first-class cooked, cured and marinated meat products which constitute an accurate representation of the latest consumer trends and the constant evolution that has taken place in the last few years in the worldwide meat industry.


METALQUIMIA presents at IFFA 2013 the SPRAYPLUS® SYSTEM technology, a surprising evolution of the conventional Spray Effect which brings significant advantages to the injection process of cooked meat products. The patented SPRAYPLUS® technology provides for adjustable needle retraction, creating more uniform brine distribution and reducing the formation of brine pockets in fat and aponeurosis. The end result is a cooked meat product with an improved cut appearance, colour and flavour; greater regularity and consistency in the injection process; but above all, increased product yield thanks to increased brine retention inside the meat muscle.


At IFFA’2013, METALQUIMIA introduces the TURBOMEAT® Process, the gateway to Accelerated Intensive Massaging(AIM) which makes it possible to accelerate the process of massaging and maturing cooked meat products, resulting in significantly shorter process times (up to 50% reduction in the total massaging time), without having to relinquish versatility and the technological and organoleptic advantages of conventional massagers. The TURBOMEAT® technology in short-duration processes, with reduced maturing times, and especially suitable for the production of cooked meat products of medium, high and very high yield, can considerably increase productivity, maintaining an appearance of whole muscle in the cut, highly valued by consumers.


METALQUIMIA displays at IFFA 2013 the new MULTIPLUS marinating lines for fresh meats (models Multiplus 360 and Multiplus 720), with a wide range of new features for optimal costs and functionality, greater injection precision and very high quality and consistency of fresh marinated products.

The new MULTIPLUS injectors for marinated products incorporate a spray-effect marinating head with an extremely high density of needles (up to 726 needles of 2 mm diameter and up to 2,904 injection points), controlled by an automatic adjustment device of the injection area. The new MULTIPLUS models permit higher injection speed, incorporating an easily-exchanged injection needle plate, a meat level sensor for optimal functioning and precision of injection, with special emphasis on safe, ergonomic and hygienic operation. In addition, the MULTIPLUS models incorporate new control and operation functions which guarantee constant marinating of unmatched quality throughout the working day.


 At IFFA 2013, METALQUIMIA presents TWINVAC “EVOLUTION,” the “ALL-IN-ONE” whole-muscle stuffer suitable for all types of meats, from emulsions to pieces of whole muscle, which makes it possible to obtain maximum compacting, the greatest weight precision and highest stuffing speed on the market, resulting in a stuffed product of unequalled quality, with total absence of internal holes and perfect definition of muscle morphology. In addition, the “friendly” design of TWINVAC “EVOLUTION,” which occupies less floor space, provides matchless ease of maintenance, cleaning and sanitation.


At IFFA 2013, METALQUIMIA displays the D-ICER Reactor for multi-stage defrosting of whole-muscle or minced meat products. The exclusive D-ICER defrosting technology designed by METALQUIMIA combines total control of the thermal cycles of heating and cooling, the vacuum phases and the types of movement of the meat, with very fast and uniform final cooling, guaranteeing a defrosted raw material of top quality and high food safety, which considerably improves the Chain of Value of said process.

The D-ICER Technology offers the meat processor a considerable reduction in defrosting times, less floor space, modular growth and an improvement in defrosting performances, resulting in extremely attractive return-on-investment times (from 6 to 10 months, depending on the number of cycles/day).


The QDS Process® technology is based on a continuous digitization system which applies traditional air drying to fermented slices instead of whole pieces. This results in a substantial reduction in production times, going from a process requiring several weeks to a drying period of between 15 and 60 minutes. This reduction in production time is achieved without altering in any way the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the product, which introduces a new process paradigm that is giving rise to the emergence of new product ranges and new business models.

This drastic shortening of the drying process also signifies a great improvement in production for manufacturers, since it enables them to reduce their financial and production costs and to react quickly to any market demand, bringing the process closer to just-in-time production and eliminating the obligation of maintaining large stocks of finished product. The QDS process also makes it possible to reduce the space allocated to the drying process. The improvement of food safety, along with significant reductions in energy consumption and environmental impact, are other important advantages of this innovative process.

At IFFA 2013, METALQUIMIA presents the QDS Standard and QDS Utilitylines, suitable for all types of cured meat products, capacities and productions.