METALQUIMIA expands into Russia



In the course of the year 2002, METALQUIMIA has achieved the definitive consolidation of the implantation of its machinery and technology in the Russian market. After the laborious commercial task developed by METALQUIMIA during recent years that culminated in the sale of various complete processing plants for the manufacture of cooked and injected meat products, such as those in Ekaterinbursky, Lianozovo, Tagansky, Metator, Irtkutsky, etc…, during the year 2002, METALQUIMIA has reached its maximum peak in this market, thanks mainly to the sale of 6 complete plants to one of the biggest Food Groups in Russia, the Cherkizovo Group, plants that have been installed in Biriulovo (3), Belmiaso, Penza and in Cherkizovo itself. Other important manufacturers of the Russian meat industry have put their trust in METALQUIMIA this past year, such as Denir, Konig, Dzerzhinsky and others. At the same time, the profusion of sales of individual machines such as injectors, tenderizers, tumblers/massagers, stuffers and, especially, the new range of marinating systems, AUVISTICK, has contributed to this expansion .