METALQUIMIA honored with Human Factor Award



Last Tuesday, May 11, 2010, the Human Factor Foundation granted Metalquimia the "Mercè Sala Award" which this Foundation gives annually to Companies that have excelled in the promotion of people as a Key Factor for the future of our society.

In the picture, Financial Manager of Metalquimia, Mr. Antonio Fernández, receiving the award from Mr. Cristobal Colón (La Fageda), and the members of the jury: Mrs. Rosa Cullell, Mr. Salvador Alemany and Mr. Narcís Serra.

Included below Mr. Josep Lagares Award acceptance speech, given (via videoconference from Frankfurt) during the evening of the Awards ceremony that took place at the Caixa Forum in Barcelona:

"Good evening Barcelona, distinguished authorities, ladies and gentlemen, all friends ...

Good evening from Frankfurt ... yes, good evening from the IFFA fair in Frankfurt, the most important fair on the planet in everything having to do with the meat sector and where some seventy Spanish companies are striving to make a place for ourselves in the world market by presenting "homemade" technologies that will without doubt set the trend in this important subsector of the food industry.

When ANNA FORNÉS , Managing Director of the HUMAN FACTOR FOUNDATION, called me to tell me that the Foundation had decided to grant this year's " Mercè Sala Human Factor Award " to MQ, my heart jumped ...a jump both joyful and contradictory, but believe me a good jump !!!

On the one hand, the joy of being honored with a prestigious award bearing the name and spirit of Mercè Sala, and on the other hand, the contradiction of the date ...on the same day and at exactly the same time we have gathered here at the Frankfurt fair more than 400 customers and friends from around the world, together with all our people... for the sake of consistency, which is the subject you are talking about this evening, I couldn't be absent; for consistency I had to be here today standing by my people and our entire team; for consistency I could not renounce sharing these unrepeatable moments that took so long to prepare with all those who trust in us,...and so first of all, the first thing I'd like to do is ask all of you to accept our most wholehearted and sincerest apologies for not being with you in person this evening, and you can be sure we are present in heart and spirit.

The first and only time in my life that I encountered Mercè was back in the month of May in 2003... it was at a Conference with more than 400 managers organized by Tribuna de Girona and the AED at the Peralada Golf Club. Mercè spoke at the first session of the afternoon... the session that nobody wants because it's right after lunch and we participants usually do our best to disappear... nothing could be further from the reality of what happened that day... Mercè gave a praiseworthy and explosive speech about Good Government and the Family-owned Business... as you can imagine, nobody fell asleep and her words resonated, at a time when the subject of Good Government was especially delicate, with an injection of confidence and hope in the values and ethics in the people who are responsible for managing organizations.

As I listened to her I thought more and more about how right she was, how much truth was distilled in her words, and yet I didn't understand why so many organizations failed in this area, precisely when so many of us had been brought up since childhood to respect and esteem other people, our heritage and that of others, and the values that both our grandparents and parents had made us live by since we were children.

That day in Peralada we learned many things that have surely stayed in our minds up to this day and have helped us in our path through life.

Personally and at that time, as some of you probably already know, I devoted myself, and still do, to jumping out of airplanes... Yes, you heard right, skydiving, in particular Freefall formation, and in all these years I have had the honor of taking part in unique and unrepeatable teams representing our Country in many events and competitions... and I'm telling you this because many of the thoughts that Mercè expressed to us in Peralada I was experiencing myself as part of a high performance sport team.

Never adopting a confrontational attitude toward other members of the team, which means eliminating from our vocabulary I and YOU and replacing them with WE; being aware that, as they say in English "EVERY ONE MATTERS", that each individual is important, regardless of the moment or the particular role within the team; having a generous dedication and an attitude of commitment toward coworkers instead of thinking only of oneself; motivating and inspiring others in their tasks without expecting anything in return; trying to transform negative energy and unpleasant moments into positive energy and hopeful moments ; the changing of positions within the formation, in skydiving we call adopting the BSLOT, which means leaving our comfort zone and taking the position of our teammate in order to learn to improve ourselves as individuals and as a team; having the flexibility to adapt to an unpredictable environment and to a multitude of small conflicts; maintaining stability and staying on course without losing sight of the overall objective; recognizing that every person is an individual with his or her own personality and peculiarities that don't have to be like ours, and therefore, it is not so important to treat others as you would like to be treated, but rather as they would like to be treated; ... as you can see, I had a lot of reflections, and so many others that I could go on and on and which, in all these years of flying the skies of Ampurdán I have been interiorizing with the goal of applying them at home, in our Family-owned business.

But there is still one very important thing left to say, which is that to achieve everything I have just explained it is necessary to TRAIN, TRAIN and TRAIN which in business lingo translates into WORK, WORK and WORK, making sure that each and every member of the team realizes that their particular commitment and optimum performance is the key to the success of EVERYTHING, to the success of their teammates above their own ... It is this attitude of generosity and trust in others that makes things better day after day.

And finally, to finish and not bore you any longer, Anna has asked me to comment briefly on the spirit of CREATIVATION ...Yes, creativation, you heard correctly...not creativity or innovation, but creativation, as a supporting column to inspire and engage those we love most ...our people.

In MQ we always say that the systematic management of creativity brings us new ideas and the systematic and planned management of innovation transforms in value the best ideas generated in the creative process. This phrase describes perfectly the model of CREATIVATION devised by our people, a model internalized in every corner and each person in our organization, where the systematic management of CREATIvity and innoVATION closely overlap to generate consistent return for our people, for our organization and for society.

This is the spirit of creativation of MQ, a spirit where the management of inspiration is focused on generating value and shared commitment, loyalty, trust and generosity throughout our entire personal and business environment.

I'm happy to have been able to talk today about this model of ours with all of you and I wholeheartedly hope that someday we can all share it. Many thanks again for this recognition that fills us with pride and satisfaction...

Farewell from Frankfurt ...see you soon and much Happiness, life is short!!!!"