TIEFLAND (Lowland) exhibition in the Liceu Opera Hall, Barcelona



METALQUIMIA sponsors the exhibition of TIEFLAND Opera (Lowland) in the balcony of the Foyer in the Gran Teatre del Liceu (Barcelona - Spain). The opera Tiefland, by Rudolph Lothar and Eugen d’Albert, is based on Terra baixa (Lowland) one of the major works of Catalan drama. Terra baixa is the most well known work by Àngel Guimerà, a playwright who crossed the frontier between romanticism and realism. In this script, he constructs a perfect love triangle, develops a discourse on property and also breathes new life into the myth of the mountain as a refuge for what is essential and pure. This myth had already been highly developed by European romanticism, but there was a special Catalan version that lay somewhere between patriotic exaltation and religious sanctification. In reason of its performances at the Gran Teatre of Liceu, in cooperation with the Institut del Teatre and the METALQUIMIA's sponsorship, it will be organise an exhibition at the Foyer Balcony, between the 2dn October to 15th December, which contains a broad selection of relevant documents, works of art, photography and museum pieces from the collection of the Catalan art. It gives an historical account of the vicissitudes that Guimerà’s work experienced over more than a century, both on the Catalan stage and internationally, and of the opera and film versions inspired by it.