Multiblade 4500

Blade meat tenderizing


The automatic meat tenderizing unit MULTIBLADE 4500, consists of two blade tenderizing heads that allow for a significant increase in the myofibrillar protein extraction surface by producing multiple cuts in the meat muscle, contributing to the reduction of cooking loss, improving yield, minimizing defects in intermuscular binding and preventing the appearance of holes in the product's slice. Used mainly for whole meat pieces of high quality, as well as for high-yield and cook-in products.

  • Fully hidraulic motion of the heads.
  • Adjustable conveyor belt feed, assuring a complete tenderization homogeneity.
  • Adaptable to different blade types, depending on product, by means of interchangeable blade heads.
  • The action of each one of the heads can be stopped independently.
  • Total recovery of drained brine.
  • Very easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Can be coupled to injector models MOVISTICK 30 PC, MOVISTICK 60 PC, MOVISTICK 120/3000, MOVISTICK 3000 and MOVISTICK 4500. Production capacity depends on the characteristics of the product and the production line. Please, consult with Metalquimia.

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