Molistick 750

Brine preparation

Brine mill Molistick 750

The MOLISTICK crushing mill is designed for fast and efficient preparation of any type of brine and/or marinade, being especially useful in the preparation of high-viscosity brines.Due to the special design of its high-speed stator and crushing rotor, it combines the actions of crushing, dispersing and mixing. Its jaw mill, designed to work submerged in the fluid, produces a turbulent axial flow that ensures immersion in the liquid of light ingredients such as sugars and carrageenans, which are forced to pass through the jaws by a radial flow that disintegrates such ingredients, facilitating their dissolution or suspension. This effect is especially useful when working with carrageenans, which, reduced to suspended particles of very small size, reach their maximum degree of efficiency without causing obturations in the filtering systems of the injectors. The MOLISTICK performs best when working in quadrangular tanks of 1,000 liters, but can also be used in tanks of other dimensions.

Jaw mill.

Minimal separation between rotor and stator.

Works by fluid immersion.

Turbulent axial flow.

Crushing radial flow.

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