Twinvac Evolution

Continuous meat vacuum stuffers


The newTWINVAC “EVOLUTION” is an “ALL-IN-ONE” whole-muscle stuffer suitable for all types of meat, from emulsions to pieces of whole muscle, which makes it possible to obtain maximum compacting, the greatest weight precision and highest stuffing speed on the market, resulting in a stuffed product of unsurpassed quality, with total absence of internal holes, and perfect definition of muscle morphology. In addition, the “friendly” design of TWINVAC “EVOLUTION”, which occupies less floor space, provides ease of maintenance, cleaning and sanitation without comparison in the sector.

With fully automatic operation, it can be coupled directly to standard continuous clippers or thermoformers with an adequate outlet diameter, up to100 mm.

Pneumatic load valve.

Endless screw in vacuum hopper to facilitate filling the stuffing chambers.

Meat pumping by means of two reciprocating hydraulic cylinders with servomotor drive.

Without bottlenecks, displacements or rotations.

Ergonomic design, with vacuum hopper divided into 2 sections to facilitate access for cleaning and sanitation.

Very easy access to all parts of the machine for maintenance.

Extremely easy cleaning and sanitation with incredible savings in time in assembly and disassembly.

Maintenance assistant.

Alarm detection.

Adjustable dosing system, independent or through external signal.

Automatic hopper feed by vacuum transport with infrared photocell meat level sensor.

Cutting accessory to facilitate the stuffing of meats with a high content of nerves and tendons.

Controlled by means of programmable logic controller (PLC) and touch screen.

Adaptable to standard continuous clippers and thermoformers.

Accessories available for filling of thermoformers and bags.


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