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Needleclean: Automatic cleaning and sanitation of needles

Needleclean: Machine for the automatic and simultaneous cleaning, hygiene and sanitation of all the needles of the injector. The NEEDLECLEAN is provided with a tank to hold a solution of detergent / sanitizer, a centrifugal pump, various units to contain the injection needles, a PLC and electrovalves to perform the cleaning cycle. All these elements are assembled in a compact and closed chassis, with wheels for its possible displacement and location. The equipment is provided with a manual valve for emptying the tanks.

It's designed to accomodate up to a maximum of 8 containers of needles. It is totally configurable, since its design allows for including the desired quantity of containers of needles, depending on the needs of each customer.

The indicative minimum times of ully automatic cleaning range from 3,5 hours to 6 hours, depending on the number of needles. In each one of the stages, the time is programmable.

The indicative average capacity of each container is some 52 needles, depending on the needle model.

Suitable for all needles of standard METALQUIMIA injectors, including the retractile injectors.

Adaptable to other types of injectors, pre study of the specific needle type.

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