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Specially designed for spray marinating boneless bacon, the unique design of the BACONLINE  allows you to spray inject all types of brines and marinades, obtaining spectacular distribution, with no dead zones, minimum brine dripping loss (greater yield) and with total respect for muscle texture and morphology. Automatic Adjustable Programs. Automatic Filtering of brine / marinade. Maximum easiness of assembly / disassembly, cleaning and sanitation. Technological simplicity of all components with minimum maintenance. Maintenance assistant and alarm detection system.

  • GREATER slicing yield 
  • GREATER injection percentage 
  • BETTER absorption 
  • LESS dripping loss 
  • FEWER air pockets 
  • Brine tank with automatic filter. 
  • Total use of all brine. 
  • Controlled by PLC programmable logic controller. 
  • Automatic brine circuit cleaning program. 
  • Maximum easiness of cleaning and maintenance.

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