Marinating injectors


AUVISTICK: Spray marinating of bone-in or boneless meat (pork, beef, whole birds and poultry parts)

Specially designed for marinating meats (pork, beef, whole birds or poultry parts) boneless or bone-in by means of spray system, the AUVISTICK Injectors innovative design allows for spray injection of all types of brines and marinades, obtaining spectacular distribution in the finished product, with no dead zones, minimum brine dripping loss and total respect for morphology and muscle texture.

  • Conveyor belt easily removable for cleaning
  • Automatic filtering of brine/marinade
  • Controlled by a programmable logic controller
  • Technological simplicity of all components
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Maintenance Assistant and alarm detection system
  • Adjustable spray injection with up to 2548 injection points
  • Optional elongated feed conveyor belt to allow manual positioning of pieces
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