MOVIPLUS version 4.0

Meat Injectors MOVIPLUS


The new MOVIPLUS version 4.0 has been specially designed for the cyber-industry of the future, incorporating a smart Spray injection system that achieves spectacular brine distribution and uniform color, the greatest versatility of injection percentages, minimum dripping losses, the highest productivity rates in the market and the highest final yields with maximum injection precision.

MOVIPLUS injects brine, spraying at constant pressure, into any kind of boneless meat (pork, beef, poultry, etc...)

Adjustable injection from 10 to 100 % per pass, depending on the model and type of meat.

Optional tenderizing head assembled after the 2nd injection head (first head in models PLUS 120/3000 and PLUS 4000) and synchronized with the same head, adaptable to different kinds of blades.

Optional automatic self-cleaning filter, specially designed to work 24 hours non-stop with all types of brine.

Electro-Hydraulic Operation, controlled by PLC and Display.

Increased operating cycles = Increased productivity.

Device for selecting injection process: Single or Double Head*

Separation between heads optimized for differential injection.

Tenderizing head adjustable per cycle for maximum protein extraction.

Regulation device to control Spray Injection Pressure.

SPRAYPLUS® technology for optimization of Distribution (optional).

UP&DOWN system for skin-on products (optional).

For bone-in or boneless injection (depending on model).

Very simple needle extraction for inspection, cleaning and sanitation.

Totally cutting-edge design for optimal hygiene and food safety.


*except mod. PLUS 120/3000 and PLUS 4000


Note: Upon request, METALQUIMIA can supply these models in the RH version (with Retractable Head for bone-in injection) and/or in the conventional hydraulic version.

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