Meat pre-massaging


BLADEHAMMER & TWINHAMMER: Significant reductions of total processing time

The meat pre-massaging units BLADEHAMMER and TWINHAMMER are made of 2 single units that interact with the meat, causing a synergic tenderizing/stretching effect on the muscular fibers, significantly increasing the myofibrillar protein extraction surface by producing multiple cuts in the meat muscle (tenderizing) as well as multiplying the interfibrillar free spaces allowing for the brine to enter these spaces during the first steps of massaging (hammer effect).

  • Significantly reduces overall massaging time
  • Adjustable hammering cycles, intensity/pressure settings
  • Increases surface area
  • Improves meat texture
  • Provides greater intra-muscular binding
  • Easily incorporated into any kind of meat applications
  • Total recovery of the drained brine
  • Independent ON/OFF heads action
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