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Automatic Stuffing & Compacting Line for Cooked Sliced Products Coupled between the outlet of the TWINVAC HP or HP PLUS stuffers and a continuous double clipper, the COMPACTA offers a high weight precision without reducing the line productivity.

The double volumetric fine dosing device COMPACTA allows for increased dosing precision , thereby maintaining an outlet diameter of 100 mm. with pieces up to 25 Kg weight.

METALQUIMIA presents the new TWINVAC COMPACTA, the innovative Compacting line, specially designed for automatic stuffing of high-quality whole muscle products destined for slicing. The new high-performance COMPACTA line, one of a kind in the world, consists of an automatic whole muscle vacuum stuffer TWINVAC PLUS and the innovative compacting unit COMPACTA which provides integral cohesion of meat muscles, regardless of size, toughness or stickiness, in well-compacted bars with no holes, resulting in high-yield whole muscle slicing, without rejects, with excellent muscle definition and homogeneity in quality and color, thereby configuring a uniform high-productivity automatic line, with no downtime and resulting in an immediate return on your Operating Income.

The COMPACTA line can be directly coupled to automatic clipping lines and thermoformer molds, allowing for never-before automatization of manual molding lines for high-quality meat products in sliceable bars.

Approximate production capacity : Up to 6.500 Kg/hour. This production capacity is only an approximate estimate and may vary significantly in accordance with the product being processed. Please, consult with Metalquimia.

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