Filogrind/Autogrind 5500 Twin

Meat tenderizing machines


The FILOGRIND/AUTOGRIND  5500 TWIN Meat Tenderizer produces a multitude of cuts in the meat muscle, increasing the surface for extraction of myofibrillar proteins, reducing cooking loss, improving yield, minimizing defects in intermuscular binding and preventing the appearance of holes in the product’s slice. Its double set of rollers and the possibility of blocking the separation between them allows for a high degree of cutting of tendons and nerves, reducing the trimming work required during meat preparation, especially in the case of shoulders. It is specially adapted to the manufacture of sliced products, improving the slicing yield, as well as to high-yield and cook-in products.

  • Two sets of roller-knives (or roller-prongs) through which the meat passes by free-fall system.
  • Adjustable distance between roller-knives.
  • Compensatory shock absorber for tough meats, which can be blocked fixing the distance between rollers.
  • Easy disassembling for maintenance, cleaning and sanitation.
  • Upon request, an infeed conveyor belt can be provided.

Model AUTOGRIND: controlled by PLC and Display

Specially designed for coupling to high-production injector models such as MOVISTICK 4000, MOVISTICK 4500 DUPLEX and MOVISTICK 5500 DUPLEX. Production capacity depends on the characteristics of the product and the production line. Please, consult with Metalquimia.

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