QDS Process


Breakthrough technology for accelerated dry-curing of sliced meat products

"QDS process" is a revolutionary accelerated drying process for sliced meat products which is applied directly after the fermentation step to the sliced product, and prior to the final long and dilated drying phase. This innovative process results in drastically reduced total processing time, thereby eliminating interminable periods of time in the chamber, simplifying the production process and obtaining significantly improved energy efficiency.

  • Improvement of regularity in product quality
  • Higher degree of Food Safety
  • Reduction of the risk product alteration
  • More flexible Research&Development process
  • Possibility of developing new product shapes other than the traditional round one
  • Possibility of developing new products
  • Avoids formation of a mold cover
  • Better color of the final product
  • Less space requirements
  • Reduced stock
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