Movistick Plus 3000

Spray meat Injectors - Plus



The MOVISTICK PLUS 3000 meat injector is able to inject brine, spraying at constant pressure, into any kind of meat, bone-in or boneless (pork, beef, poultry, etc...)

  • Equipped with a pressure regulation system.
  • Adjustable injection rate from 10 to 100 % per pass.
  • Uniform distribution of brine without “dead” zones.
  • Injection of insoluble and dispersed brine ingredients.
  • Minimal dripping loss.
  • Optional automatic self-cleaning filter specially designed to work 24 hours non-stop with all types of brine. 
  • Optional tenderizer head assembled after the 2nd injection head and hydraulically synchronized. It can be fitted with different kinds of tenderizing blades.
  • Optional UP-DOWN device to prevent fat and rind injection.
  • Optional SPRAYPLUS® System.
  • 100 % self-pilot hydraulic, including hydraulic injection pump.
  • Adjustable walking beam conveyor feed.
  • Independent retainer for each set of needles.
  • 2 reciprocating and independent injection heads (injection of 2nd head can be disconnected).
  • Brine tank with 2 independent filtering systems or automatic filter.
  • No brine loss.
  • Easy access for maintenance, cleaning and sanitation.

PLUS Features:

  • Increased operating cycles = Increased production output.
  • One-Button Single or Double Head operation switch 
  • Spray Injection Pressure regulation for optimum product performance.
  • Optimal Injection Head separation for maximum injection efficiency.
  • Adjustable Built-In Tenderization Head for top protein extraction efficiency.
  • Very easy injection needles change for inspection, cleaning and sanitation.
  • Improved Tenderization Head change for inspection, cleaning and sanitation.
  • Auto-piloted Hydraulic operation.
  • Environmentally Friendly design.
  • State-of-the art Hygienic and Sanitation design.

Adjustable injection with up to 1,904 spray injection points. Production capacity depends on the characteristics of the product and the production line. Please, consult with Metalquimia.

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