Spray meat injectors


MOVISTICK: Uniform brine distribution and maximum injection precision

The meat injectors MOVISTICK series are able to inject brine, spraying at constant pressure through multiple holes, into any kind of meat, bone-in or boneless (pork, beef, poultry, etc.), achieving a uniform distribution of brine without “dead zones”. They have 100% self-pilot hydraulic system, including hydraulic injection pump, with independent filtering systems or automatic self-cleaning filter (24 hours non-stop work).

  • The least dripping loss
  • Better brine distribution inside the muscles
  • Maximum injection accuracy
  • Adjustable injection rate
  • Optional tenderizer head, depending on model
  • Higher final yield
  • The most versatile range of injection percentages
  • Injection of insoluble/dispersed brine ingredients
  • Interchangeable needles, depending on kind of meat
  • State-of-the art hygienic and sanitation design
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