Movistick 120/3000

Spray meat injectors


The MOVISTICK 120/3000 meat injector injects brine, spraying at constant pressure, into any type of boneless meat (pork, beef, poultry, etc...).

  • Injection adjustable from 10 to 70 % per pass (from 5 to 70 % in model DK).
  • Uniform brine distribution without dead zones.
  • Injection of insoluble dispersed ingredients.
  • Minimum brine dripping loss.
  • Optional automatic self-cleaning filter, specially designed to work nonstop 24 hours with all types of brines.
  • Optional tenderizing head fitted after the injection head and hydraulically synchronized with it, adaptable to different types of blades.
  • Optional UP&DOWN device to avoid injection of fat and skin.
  • Totally hydraulic self-piloted, including brine pump.
  • Adjustable walking beam conveyor feed.
  • Independent retainer for each set of needles.
  • Brine tank with 2 independent filtering systems or automatic filter.
  • Total use of brine with no waste.
  • Maximum easiness of cleaning and maintenance.

Adjustable injection with up to 952 spray injection points. Production capacity depends on the characteristics of the product and the production line. Please, consult with Metalquimia.

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