Parts & Service


Metalquimia’s Parts&Service Department is a key element for ensuring fast, efficient, high quality and totally personalized service for technical assistance and spare parts.

This SERVICE, dedicated to providing technical assistance as well as supplying spare parts, is a fundamental strategic element for METALQUIMIA. The service has become a real obsession for the entire METALQUIMIA team. An obsession in pursuit of offering and ensuring our customers worldwide a Technical Assistance and Spare Parts Service that is fast, sure (without errors), efficient, personalized and of high quality, with the goal of surpassing our customers' demands and expectations in this field.. 

This is why the General Management of METALQUIMIA has made a commitment to sustained investment, year after year, in the new PARTS & SERVICE Department, with the goal of giving you continual support and letting you know where to find a warm, professional and friendly voice that will help you and give assistance in the face of any possible doubt or demand. 

In the new PARTS & SERVICE Department, our customers find themselves among business-minded collaborators, who are capable of creating Added Value through each and every one of their actions, capable of offering direct, personal, fast and human treatment, with the single aim of providing the numerous customers METALQUIMIA has around the Globe with the absolute security of knowing they can count on a professional, sure, reliable supplier who is a friend and will respond immediately in any possible contingency. 

In addition, and with the end goal of maintaining your Production Center in conditions of maximum profitability, the PARTS & SERVICE Department will be glad to advise you about the wide range of Advanced Programs of Service and Maintenance which METALQUIMIA has available and puts entirely at your disposition (Programs of Preventive Maintenance, Periodic Technical Inspections, Hot Line 24 h, etc).