Bibliographic service


The Technology Department of Metalquimia makes available to its customers an extensive database of scientific know-how, with articles and documentation about the technology for meat products.

The METALQUIMIA Technology Department has collected, over the past three decades, a body of more than 7,000 articles about the technology of cooked and marinated meat products, and around 5,000 selected analytical texts about additives and different meat products commercialized in the various world markets.

Today this information is available, for our family of customers, in a computerized database. Our data bank also includes more than 5,000 technological reports for internal use and an index of all the books that make up our specialized library.

In addition, and as our principal external source of information, METALQUIMIA receives monthly up-dates of the main international Databases with information on practically everything published in the world related to the meat and food industries.

Know-how and Technology Management, its future trends and its history, has become one of the pillars in the Strategy of Innovation to which METALQUIMIA is dedicated, and has allowed us to create a true Documentation Center at the service of the international meat industry.