Formulation and mixtures of additives


Metalquimia’s Technology Department offers its Customers service for the formulation and optimization of brines and marinades, an indispensable tool for continually improving competitiveness of meat products.

Historically, the formulation and preparation of brines, marinades and food additives, as well as their improvement and optimization, has been one of the services most valued by our customers all over the world.

At the present time, when continual change and evolution of food markets require the meat processor to be constantly up to date about new additives and their technological possibilities, the METALQUIMIA Technology Department offers its Customers the Brine and Marinade Formulation and Optimization Service, which has become an indispensable tool for continually improving the competitive edge of your meat products and which provides a value of 100% that can be measured by the increase in profitability per kilo processed.

In addition, and with the aim of minimizing errors in injection brine preparation due to uncontrolled additives or to errors in weight of the many additives that make up the brine and/or marinade (some of them in very small quantities), METALQUIMIA makes available to its customers its ultramodern additive preparation facilities for the manufacture of complete personalized additive mixtures (containing all the additives necessary except salt and aromas) for the preparation of brines/marinades for manufacturing any type of meat product, thereby helping to minimize one of the main risks frequently encountered by processors in the manufacture of meat products, which is errors in the composition of additive mixtures.

All the additives are tested and controlled in our laboratories in order to guarantee their initial quality before being used in the preparation of mixtures.

In addition, the finished mixtures are submitted to rigorous physiochemical analysis and control in our laboratory before dispatch, thereby guaranteeing final exactitude, homogeneity and quality of the mixture.