Pilot plant


Metalquimia is equipped with a cutting-edge pilot facility for the research and development of new processes and meat products, constantly updated with the most modern technologies.

METALQUIMIA is provided with, at its headquarters in Girona, industrial-scale vanguard facilities for the research and development of new processes and products, constantly equipped and updated with the most modern technology and machinery for the manufacture of cooked and marinated meat products.

METALQUIMIA puts these pilot facilities at the disposal of its family of customers and collaborators worldwide so that, together with our technologists, they can experiment and test, on a small scale, the introduction of new production methods or the development of new-generation meat products with maximum competitive value.

METALQUIMIA also offers its potential customers the real possibility of trying out the virtual technological process, recommended by our engineers and technologists during the same initial defining stages of the project, in our Pilot Plant. The results obtained in said trials are entirely applicable to large-scale industrial processes, thereby reinforcing our commitment to the industrial-scale manufacture of said products with the same quality, guarantee, safety and competitive value obtained in the preliminary trials.

This concept of "trial before purchase" has been one of the keys to the success of our company.

The Pilot Plant is also the repository for all internal research on processes and products carried out by our Technology Department, before said technology is transferred to our customers, representing in this way an authentic Industrial Laboratory at the service of the international meat industry.