Technical and technological training


The engineers and technologists of Metalquimia provide training sessions for the professional teams of our customers, so that they acquire a high degree of know-how regarding our technology and machinery.

The engineers and technologists of METALQUIMIA assist the employees of our customers in obtaining a high degree of know-how concerning our technology and machinery with the object of achieving maximum operability and performance in the start-up and daily operation of the processing lines, as part of the strategic commitment of Continual Improvement established between our customers and our Company.

Every year, at the request of our customers, we hold technical engineering seminars, technological training seminars, practice courses about manufacturing cooked products in our pilot plant and laboratories, practice courses about service and maintenance, conferences on new trends in processes and products and, of course... In-Company training sessions at our customers' facilities, in order to offer them a personalized training service, totally in accordance with their specific needs, and with the ultimate intention of providing them with added value, thereby strengthening their competitive edge in the market.