Technological consulting


The technological service of Metalquimia is one of the company’s most prestigious and recognized pillars, which allows for continually improving sustainable competitiveness of the meat sector on a global scale.

The Technological service of METALQUIMIA has established itself as one of the most prestigious and recognized pillars of our company; a center of intelligence at your service working constantly to provide technological support and create added value for our customers worldwide.

Technological assistance in the development of your meat products, consulting sessions on technology and processes, studies of productivity and production management, marketing studies, formulation, preparation and optimization of brines, marinades and food additives, corrective and preventive courses of action for improvement, start-ups of new production lines with guarantee of the finished product, training of your technical personnel, etc... are some of the added value services with which the METALQUIMIA Technology Department can help you improve your products to maintain a competitive edge in the international meat sector.

The processing technology developed by the METALQUIMIA team has always been in constant pursuit of fine-tuning all processing parameters, in order to obtain finished products of superior added value that are highly profitable and of constant quality, and thereby provide you with an indispensable tool for continual improvement of your competitive edge.